Monday, November 2, 2009

Personal reminder & Melbourne Cup

We have a quiet week at school this week - although there are some more general works going on.

Next Wednesday (11th) is the Kindy orientation morning. Come along and say Hi to next year's parents. If you can bring something to eat for morning tea, it would also be appreciated. Since it's cake day as well, just a larger batch might do the job. I'll be bringing some brownies for both (because I am a creature of habit).

Also, tomorrow is Melbourne Cup. You probably knew that. Maggie is running a couple of sweeps, to use up whatever loose change you didn't spend on Saturday night. I'm pretty sure you can see her at lines tomorrow morning if you want in.

Since the race itself is at 3pm - right in the middle of pick up, I was tossing around with having a glass of bubbly in the park from about 2:45pm or so. Is anyone interested?

Finally, thanks are due. I want to extend a massive thanks to Kathrine for her incredible decorations on Saturday night & her amazing begging efforts, and add a plea for photos. Did anyone take any?

Huge thanks to Nerida for her quizmistressing - and apologies for failing on the tech front and only having a lap top at the back of the hall.

I also want to thank David for his stellar auctioneering, Robyn for managing coffee & cake & plenty of other stuff, Cathy for all the cash handling & begging, Isabelle for graphic design & donations, Cath, Linda, Bronwyn & Crash for begging, Jodie, George, Lucy, Annie, Fiona & Shem for donations, Effie for drinks, and the cast of thousands who helped with set up and clean up & cake making (and I'd name you all but I don't want to miss anyone - which I probably have - if you see I've missed someone, poke me and I'll add them).

Thanks finally to everyone who came to the night, I hope you had a good one.

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