Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Personal Reminder 24/2

Tomorrow is the first assembly of the year - with a whole bunch of new rules for parents. Parents have to wait outside until after the kids go in, and then be let in in one go. Don't be late or you'll have to sit on the naughty chair! Recess finishes at 2:20pm, so you probably need to be there a bit before that to ensure you don't miss out.

Also, don't forget those term 1 notes - they need to be in on Friday.

Cheer up, it's hump day - tomorrow there'll be only one more day before the weekend! :)

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Personal Reminer 23/2

I've been a bit slack with these, so I failed to put up a reminder for photo day. I hope everyone managed to find a uniform sans texta marks.

For today we have that term 1 permission notes need to be in by Friday, and for yr 1 & 2 parents, homework has started this week. If you want your kids to do homework and haven't sent the form back in yet (it's at the back of the homework policy bundle), this is your cue.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made Friday evening a lovely occasion at the PBC. I took a few photos, and as soon as I get a mo, I'll put them up here. So, are we up for another one in, say, a month?

Don't forget our new email subscription option - if you know someone for whom checking a blog is not convenient, let them know they can have the posts delivered straight to their inbox.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Club

The book club that was starting Thursday, then going to be moved to Wednesday, is now being postponed till a later date as I can’t do this Wednesday. Will post a date as soon as we can work one out that everyone can make. Robyn

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book Club

We have set a date for our first book club, next Thursday 25 Feb, at 7.30. This will be a chance for an informal chat about what we have read/are reading/would like to read, and to decide how to go on from here. There is no pressure to read anything, if you just like talking about books, that is just fine. It's at my house, everyone is welcome. Let me know if anyone needs the address. Robyn

Monday, February 15, 2010

Email alternative

At the request of one of our year 2 parents, and because I know she's not the only one, I have added an option to receive blog posts via email. If you enter your email address in the box over there on the right hand side, you will receive all of our posts directly to your inbox.

Please pass this extra detail on to anyone you know might rather get the blog this way.

Personal Reminder - 15/2

Don't forget that the parent information night is at 6:30 tonight. No kids.

Also, this Friday there's a group of families heading to Petersham Bowling Club for some quality kid-running-around time and dinner. Everyone's welcome! We'll probably get the 4pm-ish 413 bus. The bus runs every half hour until 9pm (and less frequently thereafter), so there's no dramas getting home.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cake Day and P&C meeting

The first cake day of the year is upon us already. On Wednesday, the kids will have cakes for recess instead of the tasty, nutritional snacks we all dutifully provide every other day. Since we have yet to locate the cake fairies, it's still us that has to provide the cakes. If you can manage cupcakes, slices, biscuits, jellies or some such, please put your name on the list on the P&C noticeboard just to the right as you walk through the gate. On Wednesday, you can either bring them in before school or if you happen to be able to, you can help serve at 2pm at the back of the school.

Kids bring 20 cents to buy a cake. Well, actually, kids bring several 20 cent pieces and buy several cakes. This is not compulsory, not by a long shot, I'm just here to let you know the playground lowdown. :)

Then 7pm Wednesday night is the first P&C meeting of the year. There are positions up for grabs, but don't let that scare you. The P&C is a fairly small group and it's a great opportunity to know what's going on in the school, and to help influence what that is. With a third of parents leaving each year, the P&C needs new people all the time, so please join in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dog sitting request

I have a request from Fiona (Shem in yr1's mum):
Wondering if I could put up on the Yeo Park blog a request - to see if anyone would like to look after our guide dog pup from 25 Feb - 2 March (weekend). Comes with instructions and we home deliver. If so, my number is 95730971 or I'll be at lines most days.


Can anyone help?

Free Bed Frame

Does anyone need a single bed frame? I've got one of those timber single bed frames with the matching head and foot in a sort of scalloped arch shape. It's been refinished in a light red stain - sort of a light cherry colour.

I'll Freecycle it if there are no takers, but I thought I'd see if anyone in the school community wanted it first.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Club

Last year, a group of Kindy mums (now y1) began swapping books. We’ve now decided that it would be a great idea to start a book club, and so are inviting other parents who might be interested to join us. There is no fixed idea as to how this will run, and we are open to suggestions. We could do the usual thing of selecting a book and reading through as a group, or we could continue circulating books, and meet to share ideas and opinions (and more importantly cake and coffee).

As for when and where, we could do either day time (while kids are at school) assuming we can find a day to fit with everyone’s work schedules, or we could do an evening, aiming to meet once a month. I am happy host the first one and we could work out a rotation from there.

If your interested, leave a post and let us know your preferences for times and days, or contact me at lines or after school. If you have any ideas for books to read, we’d love to hear your suggestions.


Petersham Bowling Club

I know there are some families at Yeo Park that already frequent the Petersham Bowling Club, and we are new converts. We took the kids over on Sunday evening, and my two eldest announced they wanted to stay there for the rest of their lives. What, you may ask, does this magical place have? Chips and a large expanse of grass to run around on. That's it really. From the adults' point of view, there are tables, beer and someone else to cook dinner.

I'm thinking a semi-regular Friday evening and/or Sunday arvo Yeo Park contingent might be a pleasant option. The 413 bus goes from Ashbury, through Summer Hill to the end of the street the PBC is on, so you don't even need to get the car out.

Friday week is the Barbecue in the park, but the 19th Feb might be a good time to kick it off. We don't need commitments from anyone, but a few people have expressed interest, so if that date suits anyone other than me, we'll make it a date.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi everyone, it's really 2010, the little ones have all grown up over the summer, and today we are welcoming the first of the new Kindy kids.

I hope everyone's found the start of the year as pain free as possible. I swear I will manage to get to school on time at least one day this week....

There will be a barbecue next week, I believe, to welcome our new families, and also to invite our alumni back to say hello and let us know how they are enjoying their new schools. These are always fabulous afternoons, and there aren't a zillion of them a year, so if you can manage to re-arrange your life to fit it in, I'd recommend it.

This is the first year we've kicked off with the blog in place. We'd like to make this a valuable resource for all parents, so please let us know if there's something you want to see here, or if you'd like to be an author and please also let other parents know that it's here. If you can't remember the URL, you can Google "Yeo Park Blog" and find us pretty easily.