Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Personal Reminer 23/2

I've been a bit slack with these, so I failed to put up a reminder for photo day. I hope everyone managed to find a uniform sans texta marks.

For today we have that term 1 permission notes need to be in by Friday, and for yr 1 & 2 parents, homework has started this week. If you want your kids to do homework and haven't sent the form back in yet (it's at the back of the homework policy bundle), this is your cue.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made Friday evening a lovely occasion at the PBC. I took a few photos, and as soon as I get a mo, I'll put them up here. So, are we up for another one in, say, a month?

Don't forget our new email subscription option - if you know someone for whom checking a blog is not convenient, let them know they can have the posts delivered straight to their inbox.

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