Monday, March 29, 2010

Personal reminder 29/3

Tomorrow morning is the open classroom session from after lines until 10:15am.

The anti-bullying posters are due in by Wednesday, and the prizes will be awarded at the assembly on Thursday.

There will be an Easter Egg hunt, kindly funded by the P&C, on Thursday as well.

It was great to see some families at the PBC on Friday evening. My kids are still talking about it and asking when the next time is. Since we are headed into the dark part of the year, I'm proposing a switch to Sunday afternoons. Maybe ANZAC Day would be a good one, with a day off after if you need some time to recover?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal reminder - 23/3

Thursday is the excursion to the museum. Don't forget to send a water bottle if your kid normally drinks from the bubblers, and it's recommended to use the library bag instead of the usual bag so it's lighter to carry. Also - don't forget there was a note about photos sent on behalf of the museum. If you are happy to sign the authority, don't be caught out by the fact that you need a witness to approve the signature.

Friday is Special Lunch Day, so it's just recess for your kids if they are happy to eat sausages in a roll. Much kudos to Robyn for organising it.

Also, Friday is when we are heading to the Petersham Bowling Club.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P&C rules and constitution

One of the agenda items for tonight's P&C is our rules and constitution. I am planning just to table these documents (one is suggested, one is prescribed) for discussion at the next meeting and rather than cutting down trees, I will table only one hard copy.

Here, for you edification, amusement and consideration are the suggested rules.

And here is the consitution, which can't be changed, but is referred to in the rules. (This one downloads a Word document)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Petersham Bowling Club

Since the end of daylight saving is rapidly approaching, I'm thinking it might be nice to squeeze in another PBC evening before the darkness overtakes us.

We'll be heading over there on Friday, 26th March. I hope lots of people can join us!

P&C Agenda

The next P&C meeting will be next Wednesday night. There are a number of items on the agenda, so have a look. If you don't normally come along, there might be something there that you have a particular interest in. Everyone is very welcome.

P & C Meeting – Agenda


1. Meeting open, welcome and apologies

2. Acceptance of Meetings minutes – November 9th 2009

3. President's Report

4. Treasurer's Report

5. Fundraising Committee Report

6. Principal's Report

7. Social Functions Coordinator Stepping down from duties

8. Appointment of a new Social Functions Coordinator

9. General Business

Topics to be discussed:-
1. Appointment of Auditor
2. Review of student injury insurance
3. P&C rules and regulations (existing rules governed by the constitution)
4. Student bike racks
5. Possible water tank attached to library
6. Lunchtime usage of library for students


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personal reminder - 10/3

The Stewart House bags have been sent home, and they will be collected next Tuesday. So you have until Tuesday to clean out those unwanted clothes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Personal Reminder 4/3 and P&C email

Tomorrow is the day that the Life Education van visits the school. There is a session for parents in the afternoon (around 2:50pm I think - check your newsletter to be sure if you are interested) which will finish in time for pick up.

Also, I have just processed all the emails for the P&C Yahoo mailing list. If you wish to be on the list but haven't received an invitation, either I didn't get your name from the two sources of names, I typed it wrong when I entered it, or you are one of the two people who's email addresses don't accept invitations for Yahoo groups. In any event, you can go to the web page for the group and join there.

Please remember also, that in order to vote at P&C meetings and to be covered by the P&C insurance policy, you must be a financial member. That will cost you the enormous sum of $1, so please see Isabelle or Cathy or anyone else in the P&C if you haven't already done it.