Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Non-scripture parents unite!

I discovered this little gem on Facebook (who says it's just as waste of time?). It is a joint project between St James Ethics Centre and the NSW P&C .

This is the lead blurb
Did you know that children whose parents make a conscientious decision to have them opt out of Special Religious Education (SRE) are prohibited from any form of instruction during this period? NSW Department of Education policy provides for the supervision of these children but specifies they are not to have access to 'ethics, values, civics or general religious education.'
I have tossed around with starting my own religion whose premises are the holiness of comparative religion - but realistically, that's never going to happen (and is slightly scary for everyone involved).

So if you choose to send your child to non-scripture, or you would prefer some age appropriate ethics to be covered in this timeslot, click on the quote above and go and check it out. There is a petition to sign (because I love lazy activism) and some other info. If you're on FB, join the group. If you know other parents who don't read the blog but might be interested, point them in the direction of this project.

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