Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Personal Reminder

I forgot to mention the Cards & Calendars yesterday - they need to be back tomorrow so that we can get them back to you in time to send overseas for Christmas.

The weather is anything but conducive to bubbly in the park this afternoon - maybe next year! Good luck in the sweeps if you gave Maggie some of your moula.

Also, if you came home from the kids' party on Saturday night without a pillow, I may have it. I sent 5 kids and don't actually know whether the second pillow I claimed at lines this morning was mine. If you are missing a dusty pink coloured pillow, or you know someone who is, please let me know. Of course, it might yet be mine....

Thanks also to everyone who wrote on the card and contributed to the flowers and chocolates this morning - that was a lovely surprise.

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