Monday, September 21, 2009

Who we are

I know people are slowly coming to find this blog, and I thought it might be timely to put up a note about what it is.

First what it isn't. It isn't a mouthpiece for the school or for the P&C. You'll find heaps of stuff on here about both, but it isn't directly affiliated with either, nor does it represent the opinions of either. There is a link over there on the right hand side to the school's website.

It is an informal place for and by the parents (and maybe one day, the alumni!). We try to be another place people can keep up with each other and what's happening at the school. As a result, we might occasionally get things wrong, or you might disagree with something someone says here.

So, if you see something wrong in this little corner of the intertubes, speak up! Anyone can comment, and we welcome opinions, dissentions and fluff. Really, it's fine. You should see some of the things people say to me on my blog, and it's all good. Keep it polite is all we ask (snark is OK, though).

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