Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Personal reminder

Special Lunch is this Friday. The menu is:

Chicken legs
Carrot sticks
Bread roll

You'll note this is not a lines message. I have been told that the risk of our readers mistaking the authors' opinions for that of the school are sufficient to make the principal uncomfortable. Therefore there will be no more lines messages.

All there will be are the authors' personal reminders as we think of them, and with only our own opinions attached.


Anonymous said...

Probably an ideal time to thank you so much for this site. Having returned to work part time after maternity leave, I don't get to lines like I used to and this is a way of catching up on notes and announcements. And it's a wonderful way to maintain a conversation about all sorts of things from funding raising to education without having to make a million calls. It's very much appreciated and needed. Linda

Ariane said...

Thanks Linda. It's good to know that it is helpful for working parents - that's a significant motivation for the blog in the first place.