Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Trivia

The P&C is holding a trivia night on 31st October - and since that is Halloween, it seemed only natural to run with it as a theme.

It will be in the Cantabrian Room at Canterbury Girls High School, Church St Canterbury.

What's it all about?

Trivia, of course, as well as silent auctions, prizes, games (as in Heads or Tails and so on - nothing too confronting!) and coffee and cake for the end of the night.

Right now we are looking for:
  • You to book all or part of a table - bring along friends and neighbours, it's not a school community only event
  • People to help with donations of skills or unwanted items
  • People to help with cakes on the night
  • People to help with set up and clean up
  • You to put some thought into what you will wear!
There will be cold cans of drink on sale on the night, bring your own nibbles, or dinner, and any extra beverages you feel will enhance your trivia performance.

If you are reading this thinking "That's all well and good for people with handy baby sitters, but I have no-one to look after my kid/s" - fear not! We have thought of that too. Kathrine has organised with Moonbie St in Summer Hill to hold a babysitting night that night - kids can dress up (several have already told me what costumes they are wearing), go on a torch light tour of the grounds and otherwise enjoy their own party, while you know they are being looked after bu professional carers. My son has announced he is going, despite my having a babysitter for the night too. Kathrine is finalising the costs and I'll let you know as soon as I have the details.

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