Thursday, September 3, 2009

Style Swap night

We were hoping to fit a style swap in before the end of term, which either makes it two weeks from tomorrow or the last day of school (because I really don't want to put it on the same day as Special Lunch).

I think we might need more than 2 weeks' notice so that people can fit it in to their calendars, so it's either the last day of term or we have to bump it to mid-November.

I think the last day of term would be a better option, but what does everyone else think?

(I will leave a link to this on the front page of the blog so that any further conversation about the night can all happen here.)


Anonymous said...

I vote for November. There is much to organise and I assume that gives you all a bit more time. But with myself back to work better to test the idea with those who are around.
I've got a pair of new pyjamams and a top already to go. Some more kids clothes and some second hand books if there is a market

Ariane said...

Yep, well my inertia has pretty much made that a necessity anyway. :)

Thanks for your input Linda. We'll choose a date at the meeting next Monday.

Ariane said...

The Style Swap has been designated for 20th November. Not much else has been settled, but Robyn and Kath are going to look for venues. We can use the school as a fall back if we can't find another cheap option.

Ariane said...

Since the meeting yesterday, I have given this some more thought without a 2yo whinging in my ear, and I'm wondering if I just bullied everyone into doing this?

There were some excellent points raised about why using the school may not be a good plan, and Kath has found that most places are booked out already.

Would you all prefer if I just shut my mouth and dropped this?