Friday, September 25, 2009

Special Lunch thank you

I hope all the kids enjoyed their Special Lunch - they looked like they did!

I just want to thank Robyn, Kath and Effy for their monumental efforts. It's a massive undertaking for such a small group of people, and it came together really well.

The next one is 11th December - put it in your diaries now! It would be much less stressful if we had a few more pairs of hands. Not to mention that it is rather gratifying to see swarms of happy, well-fed faces.

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Anonymous said...

From Ariane via phone, "I am just out shopping and realised I forgot to thank Linda for her help at special lunch this morning, so thank you Linda. I am a total idiot, and am very sorry". Ariane

And can I just add to that a very special thank you to Ariane without who's continued support there would not have been any special lunches over the past 2 years.

Kath, Linda and Effy its always a great pleasure to work with you, thank you all so much. Have a great weekend everyone.