Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FAQ - What's a blog? How do I use it and why would I want to?

This is a post to explain what the blog is about and answer common questions. There will be a permanent link to it at the top of the blog and I will update it when necessary.
  1. What is a blog?
    A blog is like a cross between a forum (where people carry on multiple conversations electronically) and a diary. This blog has been created to help keep parents in touch with what's going on at school, and with each other. The authors can post articles and anyone at all can comment on them and carry on whole conversations in the comments section. You are extremely welcome to use the comments as a way to keep in touch. Try to keep the conversations within the vague concept of the subject of the post to make it easier for people to find them and join in.
  2. What is this blog for?
    It is for the use of the Yeo Park Infants School community. Anything at all that people want to use it for (within the bounds of decorum and the law!) is fine. We try to put up reminders about what is going on with the school and P&C. But anyone can use it to trade stuff, organise social events, discuss things going on at school - anything that has the school community as an audience.
  3. How do I participate?
    By commenting or posting. Anyone can comment, with or without a Google account. If you don't have a Google, blogspot or OpenID account, in the section for identity choose "name" or "anonymous" and you won't be asked for passwords, just the word verification. If you still have problems, please send Ariane an email and I'll try to sort it out!
    To post, you can send an email to the people whose names appear on the right hand of the blog front page (currently Ariane). We'll get it up as quickly as we can. You can also become an author, as discussed below.
  4. Who are the authors and can I be one?
    Authors are the people who can post directly to the blog. We can have up to 100 authors at any given time. So pretty much, if you want to be an author, let Ariane know and you will get an email invitation with instructions on what to do next. There are a few basic rules to follow as an author (just to keep the tags useable) but other than that it is easy and requires no serious commitment to be an author.
  5. What if I only want to look at Reminders or some other subset?
    You can use the "Labels" section in the right hand column to look at only what you are interested in. This can help you to find anything that is for sale, or look for anyone else heading out to a park in the holidays or to catch up on reminders.
  6. How do I find forms and other useful things?
    There is a "handy links" section in the right hand column with permanent links to the school website, useful documents and so on. If there is something that should be there and isn't, let us know!
  7. Miscellaneous bits and pieces
    Buried in the blog might be some posts that will answer some of your other questions, not specifically about the blog. As they come up, I'll put a link to them here.
Last updated: 9/12/09

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ariane, have dutifully read FAQ as requested. It's really easy to follow and answers all the questions I originally had - thanks for taking the time to do this. I suggest if anyone is reading this and has a further question to post it here as a comment, then the question and answer will become part of the FAQ.