Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lines messages 30/4

There is no assembly today, due to organisation for tomorrow's Mothers' Day breakfast.

The Theatre of the Deaf performance that was scheduled for today has had to be postponed due to illness. Stacey will let us know when it has been rescheduled.

For the Mothers' Day breakfast tomorrow, the gates will be locked when everyone arrives. Kids should put their bags in lines and wait to be called inside. Since there are two sittings and the logistics of a military operation, it would be greatly appreciated if you could get there on time - even with 5 minutes to spare! Your kids will be delivering hot drinks, and it's better for all concerned if everyone is sitting down before they start. :)

As a late change, and in response to numerous requests, we've added a kids' clothes swap to the Style Swap night. But don't forget, there is a huge range of options for your own items to swap. Things to consider include:
  • new cosmetics that you were gifted, but don't suit you
  • scarves
  • maternity clothes, especially dressy ones
  • shoes that you bought for one outfit and you wore once
  • jewelery you no longer wear, or are just sick of and would like to have something new
  • a hat that seemed like a good idea at the time
  • a handbag that was beautiful, but doesn't work for you
  • or go check out Vinnies, find something that is cool but doesn't fit you, and you might be able to trade it for something that does!
Also, the "3 year old" clause should really be replaced with "basically new looking". The flyer sent out was one version older than the final one, so if you have something cool and vintage, or classically styled and 8 years old - that's perfect. As Alison said, if you'd be happy to lend it to a friend, it's fine.

The kids' clothes won't be sorted, it'll be an all in, but everyone loves a treasure hunt!

If you have any more questions, please ask them here rather than calling Chris - she doesn't really have the answers and Alison and I can make them up as required! :)

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