Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E.

In the interests of supporting other local schools, Kegworth in Leichhardt are having their first (of many I am told) fete this Sunday. The weather is supposed to clear, so head on over for what I believe is going to be a huge food fest. Take along your baking expertise if you are the competitive type!
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Anonymous said...

I happened to be in Leichhardt Market Town the other day and saw the add for Kegworths fete, and was surprised to see that they had listed across the bottom of the poster a stack of sponsors ie, Bakers Delight, Leichhardt Market Town, Donut King (and a few others). I’ve never seen a school fete with sponsors before. Anyone got any links to Kegworth? It would be interesting to find out the nature of this sponsorship, maybe we could pursue similar arrangements with our local business. Robyn

Ariane said...

Absolutely I do, my Enjo supplier was one of the organisers - she sent me the flyer that I put up here. I'll ask her how it all worked.