Monday, October 19, 2009

Personal reminder

Aaaaand we're back.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and now we have just eight and a half weeks before the end of the year. In that time there are about 836 things on, so stay tuned to keep on top of it all.

No need to send recess tomorrow, it's children's week and the teachers are providing afternoon tea for the kids.

Wednesday is Crazy Hair Day - bring a gold coin and crazy up that hair.

Friday is... something.... Soccer skills! That's right.

In the mean time, we are selling tickets for the Trivia Night - a note will go home shortly so you can buy tickets and book your kids (and your friends' kids) in for the Halloween party babysitting.

Also, for anyone that's interested in the crafty days I've been hosting - there's one this Friday. Please let me know if you want to come along - 10am - 2pm (nominally) to do any crafty thing that takes your fancy.

That's my reminders for today. If you can think of anything else, stick it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Here's the update you wanted on the donations front:
Summer Hill Pharmacy has pledged a gift basket
Summer Hill video shop has pledged a couple of videos
Nina at Envy has offered us a painting from her walls.
I've forwarded to you the generous $200 donation from Harris Tripp.
I have a few gift items from work which I'll detail later.
I'm waiting to hear from you as to what other specific businesses you want me to approach,
Hope it helps,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ariane,

I have approached everyone on both sides of Lackey Street apart from a few who were closed which I can try tomorrow or Weds.
So far - Bean tampered will give us a kilo of coffee beans. The Hair Chair will provide a gift pack. Cafe Strada will give a big breakfast with coffee. Summer Fresh Fuit & Veg will give a $30 voucher.SH Quality Meats will give us a voucher( amount to be confirmed). Mancinis will give us a (or some) vouchers (Amount also tbc). All of these I pick up Friday. Plus Bob Bush has provided a $180 voucher which I have already. I have a few to go back to and 7 that were not open. Went on a Monday the first week and then forgot & made the mistake of going back on a Monday!! Duh....
I haven't done the Summer Hill Pub (too hard for now) but I will do Expresso Train on the opposite corner, I've done Lucys Florist and the business opposite. I haven't done the hairdresser or gym (but can if no-one else can) and have left Monkey Puzzle and SH cellars as discussed.
So lots more possibles but I will do them by Weds.