Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween for the kids!

I promised info on what's on for the kids on Halloween while the adults are off at trivia - and here it is:

Moonbie St will be offering babysitting for $50 a family from 6:30pm - 11:30pm on 31st October. Kids are welcome to dress up in costume, or in pyjamas. There will be a torch light walk around the grounds and DVDs and beds for later. For those that will need some shut eye, pack PJs, sleeping bag and pillow.

And get this - they'll take 'em all! From birth up! (Modulo breastfeeding of course) They'll deal with nappies, bottles etc as required. They are professional childcare workers, so your kids are in good hands.

We'll take the bookings for this with the trivia night, and I suspect this may prove to be one of THE social events of the K-2 year.

Oh, and it is open to all and sundry - anyone on your table can make use of the service, they don't have to attend Yeo Park.

Once again, massive thanks to Kathrine for making this happen!

(and please correct or update anything I got wrong or forgot!)

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