Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yeo Park Club Penguin clan

You may or may not have been introduced to Club Penguin, but if you have, you may also have had kids pleading to find out when their friends will be on.

There is a small core of year 1's who have been badgering for mutual online time. Between 5:30 and 6pm Wednesdays is that time.

If you have no idea what Club Penguin is, this is a brief overview. It is a Disney website with a large number of games and a social networking component. There are games to be played with other people, and games to be played against the computer. There are moderators everywhere, so I suspect it is the safest online place in existence. Disney could not afford for it to be anything else. Conversations can be typed, or selected from drop down options.

Your kids will need to know each others' penguins' names in order to find one another. They will also need to be on a common server.

Just before 5:30pm I will update this post with which server Ben will be on (I'll pick an empty one so there is no risk of it filling up).

UPDATE: The server is: Powder Ball.

If this all sounds insane - just wait. It will catch up with you. If not Club Penguin, then something else. :)

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