Wednesday, May 6, 2009

P&C Meeting next week

There will be a P&C meeting next Wednesday evening. The agenda for this meeting is here:

Yeo Park Infants School Parents & Citizens Association
Victoria Street
Ashfield NSW 2131

P & C Meeting – Agenda

13 MAY 2009

1.Meeting open, welcome and apologies

2.Acceptance of Minutes of previous meeting

3.Reports from the principal treasurer school council

4.Fund-raising Committee update

5.General business

6.Fundraising report

7.Meeting close.

If you have any further items you would like added, you can comment them here, or put them on a note and put them in the P&C mail box.

I think I have managed to embed the minutes. Let me know if you can't see it.

Minutes 18 Mar 09

Anyway, from my quick reading of the minutes, the following items are outstanding, or awaiting followup from the last meeting:
  • Stacey's application for K. Rudd's stimulus funds for various upgrades.
  • The year 1 teaching position (although I think we all know how this turned out)
  • Choosing a date for the pizza and pyjama night
  • Second date for the Bunnings BBQ
  • Total Learning Books date
  • P&C spending consultation
  • Woolworths fundraising application
  • Funding requests to clubs
If you have been considering coming along, please do. There is wine and nibbles and it is generally a convivial evening. I know everyone puts a lot of time and money into the P&Cs activities, so we'd love as many people as possible to come along and have opinions on how it all runs.


Anonymous said...

Ariane, Thanks for including this. So much easier than trying to read all of this in the school foyer! Robyn

Alison said...

Ariane, would you mind apologising for me at the meeting on Wednesday. Have had a few evening functions for my school and am feeling like an 'absent mother'. Thanks.