Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're In the Know

Take a look at page 9 in today's (Saturday) SMH - 'Shop Until You Swap for Sydney's Fashionistas'. I had to do a double-take ... wondered whether we secretly had a SMH photographer there on Friday night! Anyway, looks like we're spot on with the trend of the moment.


Anonymous said...

I saw it too. Should we keep a copy in the fundraising file for future advertising purposes?

Thanks again Alsion for thinking of such an original idea, and bringing together a great night. Robyn.

Ariane said...

Good plan Robyn. Anyone find it online? If not, can someone keep a hard copy?

I've been talking the night up, and the feedback I'm getting is that a routine function could make people consider some items as library items - you own them for 6 months them swap them out.

I think you've struck gold Alison.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies, Yes I have a hard copy. We'll stick it in the file, can always scan for online use.

I think there are so many possible variations on this idea. It's so much fun and so cheap to participate and easy for us to run. I'm already planning on hitting the op-shops to stock up on some good quality items to swap for the next night.