Friday, March 20, 2009

Toast tongs

Do you have toast tongs? A few years ago a friend gave me a pair - wooden tongs designed for getting the toast out of toasters safely. He told me they would change my life. I scoffed. Then yesterday Charlie broke ours. I admit it, I'm an addict.
Anyway, he brought them from the US and they were impossible to get here. Now you can get Cuisena ones here, but only online. They cost $5 each, with $5 for postage of one. The postage is $10 for 2 or more, so I was wondering if anyone else wants a set to reduce the postage per item.

They are ideal for kids learning to make their own breakfast - a safe way to get the toast out without burning fingers. And never mind the kids, I have been trying to use my sad, broken ones - I am officially dependent.

So please let me know in a comment, by email or at lines if you'd like a set for yourself, or as a gift or whatever. I'm not going to profit - just sharing the joy and reducing the cost of postage. :)

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