Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lines messages 18/3

Messages from today:

Cake day today.

P&C meeting tonight, 7pm. Please come along and join in.

Bulb orders are due back on Friday, so don't miss out!

Don't forget to find something orange for your kids for Harmony Day on Friday. If you don't have orange clothes, orange pins, ribbons or accessories are fine.

And lots of poster ideas are being presented each day for the anti-bullying posters.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Brilliant idea. Just noticed the calander down the bottom - this just keeps getting better.

Well done girls. Robyn.

Ariane said...

Thanks Robyn. I'm glad to hear the calendar is working. I had some hiccups with that at the start (it was there, but you had to be me to see any of the events in it - not so useful!).

Also nice to know that Alison and I are not just talking to ourselves!