Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal reminder - 23/3

Thursday is the excursion to the museum. Don't forget to send a water bottle if your kid normally drinks from the bubblers, and it's recommended to use the library bag instead of the usual bag so it's lighter to carry. Also - don't forget there was a note about photos sent on behalf of the museum. If you are happy to sign the authority, don't be caught out by the fact that you need a witness to approve the signature.

Friday is Special Lunch Day, so it's just recess for your kids if they are happy to eat sausages in a roll. Much kudos to Robyn for organising it.

Also, Friday is when we are heading to the Petersham Bowling Club.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ariane,
Hope to be there at the bowlo with the clan, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Ariane

Thanks for organising. Would love to be there but have a prior engagement. We need some ideas for a suitable venue for after daylight saving ends. It would be nice to be able to keep going through the winter months. I know Wests Ashfield has a kid's play area, but the food is a bit expensive.

Anyway, have a great night everyone. Robyn