Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Petersham Bowling Club

I know there are some families at Yeo Park that already frequent the Petersham Bowling Club, and we are new converts. We took the kids over on Sunday evening, and my two eldest announced they wanted to stay there for the rest of their lives. What, you may ask, does this magical place have? Chips and a large expanse of grass to run around on. That's it really. From the adults' point of view, there are tables, beer and someone else to cook dinner.

I'm thinking a semi-regular Friday evening and/or Sunday arvo Yeo Park contingent might be a pleasant option. The 413 bus goes from Ashbury, through Summer Hill to the end of the street the PBC is on, so you don't even need to get the car out.

Friday week is the Barbecue in the park, but the 19th Feb might be a good time to kick it off. We don't need commitments from anyone, but a few people have expressed interest, so if that date suits anyone other than me, we'll make it a date.


Anonymous said...

19th is good for us.


Anonymous said...

That sounds great Ariane. We'd come along,


Anonymous said...

Us too!!Linda

Ariane said...

Sounds like a quorum!

Anonymous said...

We'd like to go to the Petersham Bowling Club on the 19th also,
Nikki & Andy

Ariane said...

That's great guys. I'm looking forward to it, and so is Crash. :)