Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Club

Last year, a group of Kindy mums (now y1) began swapping books. We’ve now decided that it would be a great idea to start a book club, and so are inviting other parents who might be interested to join us. There is no fixed idea as to how this will run, and we are open to suggestions. We could do the usual thing of selecting a book and reading through as a group, or we could continue circulating books, and meet to share ideas and opinions (and more importantly cake and coffee).

As for when and where, we could do either day time (while kids are at school) assuming we can find a day to fit with everyone’s work schedules, or we could do an evening, aiming to meet once a month. I am happy host the first one and we could work out a rotation from there.

If your interested, leave a post and let us know your preferences for times and days, or contact me at lines or after school. If you have any ideas for books to read, we’d love to hear your suggestions.



Ariane said...

I like this idea - I have no opinions on format, but I'll put my bid in for an evening, preferably a little late-ish - after kids have gone to bed. I'm happy to bend to popular opinion though.

Thanks, Robyn.

Meng Woo said...

Robyn, I think it would be good to just get together to talk about books rather than follow one. I'm interested, although have to negotiate child minding with partner in the evenings. I mostly borrow books from the library so I may not be so useful insofar as exchanging books!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meng, (and Ariane) Thanks for your suggestions. I think getting together to just talk about books is fine. We can probably do a bit of everything really - keep everyone happy. Will try to sort out a date to start at the picnic tomorrow. Everyone will be in the one place so should be the best time to organise. Robyn

Ariane said...

Excellent plan, Robyn.

Can we all do a bit of spruiking for the blog too? There's been a real shift to the social lately, which is excellent, and I'd like to see more of the kindy parents on here and aware of it.

Yes, yes, I know I'm grovelling. :)