Monday, December 7, 2009

Personal reminder

Don't forget the Morning Tea to thank parents at 11:30 this morning.

Tomorrow is Digi-Ed, Wednesday is cake day and the last P&C meeting for the year (dinner!). Thursday is the talent assembly and Friday is Special Lunch day!

I know Robyn needs some people to help with the prep for Special Lunch day, please let us know if you can help. It's a fairly mammoth undertaking to feed 60-odd kids a 3 course lunch and Robyn really can't do it on her own. I'll be helping with the serving, but I have a pre-school board meeting this Friday so I'm forced to abandon her. Please step up and help out!

Finally - the Exodus hamper collection has started, so please bring in some non-perishables.


Anonymous said...

I've already put my hand up. Am ready and willing to help. Just say what you need.

Ariane said...

Thanks Linda. Are you coming to the morning tea this morning? Either way I'll let Robyn know. I'm pretty confident that what she wants is help cutting up the mangoes after lines.

Annie has also said she'll help, so 3 people should be enough. I'm doing the sausage rolls (well I'm buying them and delegating the cooking to Crash) and I'll bring them along for serving.