Friday, December 4, 2009

Michael Kirby speaks up for public schools

Robyn told me about this a few days ago, but I've only just had time to look at it.

Former Justice Michael Kirby spoke recently at Melbourne High School and slammed the current policy of under-funding and denigrating public schools. The ABC News feed covered it here.

Kirby urges us all to become more active as advocates for public schools - and he specifically mentioned using blogs and Twitter. So we have here a blog, and it seems like a good plan to use it if we feel so inspired. At the least we can put links up here to what others might be doing and so on. If anyone sees anything worth sharing, send it on through.

And if you are interested, go track down other things Michael Kirby has written and said - he's insightful and inspirational.

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Anonymous said...

Thank for finding the link to this speech Ariane. Interestingly, Michael Kirby grew up in the Inner West, and attended Summer Hill primary school. He is I think the only high court judge with a complete public school education.