Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome and please join in!

Inspired by the members of the P&C mailing list*, I have set up a Yeo Park blog.

I will use this to post P&C updates and anything else that seems useful.

I also invite anyone in the Yeo Park community to use this as a place to post items to sell/give away/request, or to organise play dates or anything else anyone can think of.

I am currently the only admin, but I am happy to share this with anyone else who is keen. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, complaints or anything else. I'll be redecorating for a bit, feel free to have opinions!

*I won't use anyone's names unless they give me express permission.


Alison said...

G'day Ariane,
Fantastic!!! You are very quick off the mark - well done! Am happy to help share the admin if you like. About to go and poke around for anything to sell / giveaway. Also happy for my name to be used.
Warmest regards,

Ariane said...

Hey Alison. Ok, I'll go work out how to add you as an admin! :)