Thursday, November 4, 2010


*cough* *cough*

Blowing the cobwebs off here - sorry, I've been sick and haven't even known what was going on, let alone be able to post anything about it.

Anyway, the PBC has a new bistro, and the weather is warming up (at least in theory!). Daylight saving is here, so Friday nights are an option again. I'm proposing Friday 19th October for a visit to check out the new bistro and let the kids run themselves out on the greens.

If we've got a few takers, I might let the new kindy parents (of which I am one) know about the night in case they'd like to come along and socialise.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ariane,
I have a hair appt on 19 Nov but the rest of the family may go. We would probably be happy to go regularly on Fridays,
Nikki (Jamie'w Mum Yr2)

Ariane said...

Gotta love a hair appt - I had one today!

Cool, we'll keep Andrew amused in your absence. :)