Friday, August 6, 2010

PBC- confirmation

There will be an expedition to the Petersham Bowling Club this Sunday. There'll be an outside DJ playing reggae and dub in a relaxed kind of way.

I think our family will probably head down for lunch and stay for the afternoon.

Remember the 413 bus runs through Ashbury and Summer Hill to get there, so add some public transport to the adventure and you don't need to think about parking or 0.05 and the kids get the extra thrill of riding a bus. (OK, maybe only my kids get a kick out of public transport, but it's a possibility that I'm not alone!)


Anonymous said...

We all had a lovely afternoon at the Petersham Bowling Club today - what great fortune with the weather! Kids had an absolute ball and are asking when we will go again. Is anyone up for it again next month - 5 Sep?
Nikki, Andy, Jamie, Jesse

Ariane said...

It was a fantastic day - thanks for suggesting it!

Are all bones still in one piece?

I think 5th September sounds like a great plan. I'll put up a post about it a couple of weeks out.