Friday, May 14, 2010

Pages, pages, we haz pages

Blogger, that which hosts this blog, has finally seen fit to provide 10 pages that can be created to fit our whim*.

I know Robyn has Ideas for a page or two. Does anyone else have things they'd like to see on a page that is separate from the main blog page?

The sort of thing I'm talking about here is perhaps a page devoted to alumni (one of Robyn's ideas) so that ex-families can keep up with things that may be of interest to them, without wading through the day to day. Other ideas might be a page of useful links, a page devoted to freecycle-type stuff, or a page of kid-related recommended vendors (such as party venues, good sources of kids' clothes, good suppliers of extra-curricular activities etc).

If you have any ideas, leave a comment, send me an email or grab me at school.

*This might be better described as "I have finally noticed that..."

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