Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lines messages 4/6

Don't forget the Pizza and Pyjama night - notes need to be in next Tuesday.

And please, stick your name on the roster for an hour or two at the Bunnings BBQ. It's a great opportunity to extract money from people other than your good selves, and it's actually pretty good fun when there's plenty of helpers. So far we have a gender bias which needs attending. Come on girls, I'm pretty sure the blokes don't have a monopoly on turning snags.

And on a personal note, thanks to all those who came along to the Style Swap night. I loved it, and I hope everyone else did too. We're pretty keen to do another in spring, so please let us know if you like the idea, if there are any tips you have for improving it next time, or any other feedback you have.

And a HUGE thanks to Alison, who did all the hard work, and whose inspiration the evening was.

I still have 3 mirrors on my front verandah... :)


Alison said...

ooh - was that ex-door mirror yours? Any chance you're thinking of selling it?

Alison said...

By the way, it was my pleasure to help organise the night! Looking forward to the next one.